Memories of Perversion

Memories of Perversion
La Nihaya

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Format: CD

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Rubadub's Review

ALL HAIL WASWAAS!! Following initial forays with The Trilogy Tapes and more recently Berlin’s Kashual Plastik, Waswaas wanders further down the path of analogue and modular darkness, casting out his first album, Memories of Perversion.

Self-released on the La Nihaya label and with nods to the depths of humankind’s primordial lurking, Waswaas presents music for the wormhole interior. The tracks traverse a range of electronic moods, tinged with moments of liturgical voicing, dissonant canonistic sequences and arcade-style sequencing.

Overall, this is a soundtrack for being trapped in your inner castle (how apt, some may say) and these 11 seminal outpourings become foundational vehicles for our attempted resurrection. Mastered by Amir Shoat with artwork from Ilaha Alize.