Nova Vida Passada

Luar Domatrix
Nova Vida Passada
Domestic Exile

Cat#: DEX006
Format: Vinyl
Rubadub's Review
Domestic Exile return with the debut LP by Portuguese artist Luar Domatrix. LD has previously operated as 1/2 of Lisbon duo Yong Yong, reworked traditional Portuguese workers songs for Discrepant and released other solo material on Sucata Tapes, 12th Isle and Offshore Drilling Limited. This record comprises of 8 tracks recorded between Lisbon and Glasgow and will be released June 29th on vinyl and will be available for download with distribution by Rubadub Records. The album, ‘Nova Vida Passada’, which in Portuguese means ‘New Past Life’, is based on 90’s & 00's R&B and pop culture. NVP explores the way in which songs can be intimate and lavish but as the same time, anonymous, enigmatic & metaphysical. How the morals of music change and reflect the ethics & desires of a generation. What does the ‘90s’ feel like? Music videos with icy brick walls, pagers, moral dilemnas and cyborg feelings. Pop music playing loud in a sci-fi club in the distant future.