Smiling Faces “95”

One Man’s Quest
Smiling Faces “95”
World Building

Cat#: WB003-12
Genre: House
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
The first reissue in the World Building catalog! An under-the-radar white label gets a second chance at life! One Man’s Quest released Smiling Faces “95” on their own Vandal Records label in (you guessed it) 1995. It would end up being the only release on the label & never properly distributed. Produced by Bon Vega & Douglas Johnson, One Man’s Quest give the Motown classic a unique 90s spin w/ both house AND r&b versions. Kinda rough, kinda smooth & very essential! HITTING YOU HARD AND DEEP!!! Excerpt from Dance Trax column in Billboard Magazine (Jun 10, 1995): "The single kicks a thick and spare house groove, coated with a simple organ line and a worldly lyrical reading that hangs onto the brain long beyond its moments on the dancefloor.” - Larry Flick (Dance Trax) One Man’s Quest is a Brothers’ Vibe production. In memory of Bon Vega!