Origins (Volume 3)

Origins (Volume 3)

Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Across 4 tracks here on EP #3 we have some heavy hitters for sure - Terrence Parker's stellar 'Come with me', a deeply solid soulful cut of the highest order. 24-7-365 was a monicker used by a young Mr. Derrick Carter (alongside George Andros) the 'Tropical House' mix of 'Sample That!' first dropped in 1989(!) and is a rough and ready robotic jam featuring all manner of samples for the eagle eared to get stuck into, proper early house sounds right here, the way it should be done - with the FUNK intact! Side B sees a stone cold classic kicking things off - C&M Connection's 'Bio-Rhythms' leads us in, these artists would be known a little later under the guises of Altern-8 and Nexus 21 leading the UK rave charge. 'Bio-Rhythms' is Detroit leaning techno-soul of the highest order, smooth, melodic and introspective - a late night / early morning winner. The mighty R-Tyme round out the EP, one of the maestro Derrick May's pseudonyms from back in the day, here May bends genres (alongside Detroit luminary D. Wynn) and pushes a futuristic sound that is uncategorizable, sounding like little else from the time (1989!) 'Illusions' is classy, other-worldly and techno in it's purest, most crystalized form
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