Pedra De 800 Kg

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Pedra De 800 Kg


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Rubadub's Review
Drawing on a shared Cape Verdean and Angolan heritage, the duo started producing in their early teens back in 2010, but got distracted, as teenagers are prone to do, before returning to the software in 2017 with a little help from their former neighbour and mentor, DJ BeBeDeRa - whose grinding tarraxhos have been issued on 7” by Promesses - to finally produce this killer trio of club workouts. Hypnotic and hard in a signature Príncipe style that firmly resonates with SA Gqom, strains of syncopated UK Bass and mutations seeping out of all corners of the internet, the EP kicks off with a mesmerising mix of New Beat-esque choral drones with synthetic Berimbau-like riffs and flinty rhythm in No Cubau’, before ‘Manganza’ doubles down the darkness with murderous bass drones and distorted drops recalling Durban taxi techno vibes, and ‘Pedra de 800 Kg’ - so titled after their father’s motivational expression “That’s easier to lift than a 500 Kg rock” - recklessly pushes the dance to a steely, uptempo frenzy.