Posh End Sponk Trax Vol. 1

Posh End Sponk Trax Vol. 1
Dixon Avenue Basement Jams

Cat#: DABJ-1229
Genre: House
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
DABJ have taken flight with their first drop of 2019. And it's another fine selection of sonic warheads from Advanced Helicopter Commander Fear-E. Anyone who has heard the DABJ crew play out over the last year will bound to have heard some of the fire from this. "Jump On The House Train" has been a staple in our club sets and mixes, and has to be one of the most asked about tracks we've had on rotation. All four tracks encapsulate the vibe of late night / early morn' Glasgow warehouse parties perfectly. Highly limited vinyl [with hand stamped labels and cool insert] release plus digital release. Don't let this one evade your capture...