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Rubadub's Review

Prefix Moniker is comprised of Great Circles mainstay Jason Carr (_moonraker) and Johnny DeBlase (bassist in Zevious, Sabbath Assembly & Desertion Trio). The duo has a musical relationship that dates back almost 20 years.

The remote composition of Plasmas began in 2013 with Carr residing in Berkeley, CA at the time, and DeBlase in Queens, NY. Each piece consists of arrangements of Csound instruments (DeBlase) with layered synthesizer (Carr). The curious product of this collaboration suggested to Carr and DeBlase the fourth state of matter, plasma. All of the track titles were then contributed by Jason’s physicist brother, Dr. Jerry Carr.

Pre‐release response to Plasmas from musicians and label friends has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, including Karen Gwyer’s inclusion of two tracks (Inductively Coupled and Helicons) on her recent FACT mix (FACT mix 610).

Stellarator first appeared on the Great Circles compilation, Mid‐Atlantic Death (GRCR‐010).

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