Puro Rosaceae

Puro Rosaceae
Idle Hands

Cat#: IDLE054
Genre: House, Techno
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Over the last few years Parris has secured his position as one of the most forward thinking UK Techno producers along with contemporaries such as Batu and Livity Sound. His intricate, minimalist tracks bristle with experimentation whilst still remaining potent dancefloor material. On 'Puro Rosaceaes' he demonstrates this skill ably, playing with subtle Jungle influences and House frameworks. Gunnar Wendel has been an inspiration to much of the current UK school of Techno, so it is a pleasure to welcome him to Idle Hands for a remix under his KMOS alias. Here he turns Parris' track into a more broken and reflective cut. Finishing up the B side is 'Soft Touch' a mellow track for the 100bpm crew, with a Hip Hop feel.