Rehearse in Reverse

Other Lands
Rehearse in Reverse
Origin Peoples


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Rubadub's Review

6 tracks! Rehearse In Reverse is the newest release from Other Lands (sometime Firecracker Recordings stalwart, in one guise or another, and most recently part of aural explorers Mac-Talla Nan Creag) and his first on Origin Peoples. Continuing on the sonic trajectory mapped out on previous outings, while also abandoning any obvious rhythms, instead he lets extended synth and guitar meditations move between eternal flower field floats, deep sea drifts, and cosmic temple explorations.

As is usual for him, the title is layered with meaning, the most overt of which concerns the cassette’s genesis: last year, this material developed as a live set which he'd intended to record either before or during some upcoming shows, but which only made it to tape afterwards - hence Rehearse In Reverse. There is, however, a temporal element to the phrase as well, as these recordings see him travel back in time to his teenage years and his youthful experiments in cosmic psychedelia, inspired by early exposure to his parent's 70's prog and ambient record collection, then onto his own teen discoveries of 80's & 90's space rock and shoegaze.

The guitar takes centre stage here, with his cherished childhood Westone Thunder 1 weaving colourful webs of crystalline beauty. Warm fingerpicked clouds morph through white noise phaser currents as looped phrases slowly pan left to right. Paradise chord changes induce blissful motions as overdubbed layers of syncopated echoes melt over the mix. Hushed yet propulsive rhythms are generated from percussive picks, while shades of experimental 90's indie rock merge with airs of kosmische minimalism.

With Rehearse in Reverse, Other Lands has created something truly transportive…a spellbinding tapestry of flowing colours and blending sonics that invites the mind to explore fantasy dreamworlds as the body floats on currents of transcendence. The music’s evocative power and cinematic beauty is all the more remarkable given that the whole thing was recorded in one take with almost no overdubs and using only a guitar, a MicroKorg XL, and a handful of effects pedals.

It’s a unique sort of magic that comes from an experienced and talented artist returning to the source… to the creative spark the started it all. In this case, Other Lands' meditations on time and reverse travels through his influences and inspirations has resulted in a completely immersive universe of far-out synth psychedelia and solar guitar beauty woven through with nostalgic memories and emotional resonances.