Rescue Squad EP

Fio Fa
Rescue Squad EP
Duality Trax

Format: Vinyl
Rubadub's Review

Duality refers to the idea of two contrasting energies, or emotions, existing simultaneously. It teaches us that every aspect of life is created from a balanced interaction of opposite and competing forces. These energies are not at war but bring synergy and balance to a future facing equilibrium.”

Duality Trax is a contemporary, forward thinking record label from the creative mind of Irish selector Holly Lester.

Encouraging inclusivity, togetherness and collaboration, Duality Trax seeks to draw inspiration from the contrasting energies that exist within all of us. In keeping with the label’s ethos of balance, each release aims to consistently feature artists from all genders.

The debut Duality Trax release comes from Dublin artist and Pear label/party co-founder Fio Fa – complete with a killer remix from Naïve label head and Lisbon innovator Violet.

Across three tracks Fio Fa illustrates why he is one of the most vibrant artists to watch, exploring a blend of progressive and rave inspired techno through to down tempo cuts. Violet flips the unhurried aesthetic of 'Transcending Into Nonsense' in favour of stirring breakbeat rhythms, twinkling soundscapes and calming melodies.