Shock Industrialization

Linekraft / Alberich
Shock Industrialization
Hospital Productions


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Rubadub's Review
’Shock Industrialization’ pits modern masters of industrial noise, Japan’s Linekraft and key Hospital Productions disorderly Alberich, in a killer, pummelling split session. With blatant disregard for your aural health, the pairing pull no punches in four torrents of acrid filth seemingly wretched up from the belly of the beast. For those concerned, ’Shock Industrialisation’ highlights the contrast between American and Japanese noise conventions thru a prism reflecting on Cambodian civil war and it’s arguable predecessor of the Korean war. Linekraft’s side speaks to a sense of psychotomimetic chaos with the howling bitterness and astringent textures of ‘Bunch Of The Serve The Enemy’, while ‘History Of My Betrayal Act’ opens with intelligible vocals that become mired in waves of attrition, joined by cranked-up sirens and consumed by tarry bass distortion. Alberich’s side is arguably more linear, sputtering and railroaded like Kareem’s most brutalist clatter, but also distended with blown-out noxious clouds ofdistortion in ‘Tube-Ni mine Shaft’, before offerign a sort of vocal response to Linekraft’s call in ‘Mountains Of Soul’, burying his signature, hellish voice in clambering, white hot noise.