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Rubadub's Review
Although Itta (Vocals, Harmonium) and Marqido (Analog Synthesizers) have been regular fixtures in Seoul’s experimental music community for years, the vinyl release of ​Spiritual ​reflects the growing international recognition of their singular sound, described by ​The Wire ​as “meditative synthesized vistas.” ​Spiritual c​ertainly embodies the meditative element of their music, layering hypnotic modular synth with Indian harmonium drone and Itta’s transcendental vocals. This is more than functional music for the metaphysically curious, however. Perhaps more than any of their previous releases, Spiritual ​offers an open accessibility, owing at least partly to the channeling of krautrock-influenced rhythms. Tracks like “Luft” and “Morgen Tempel” wouldn’t sound out of place in any DJ set with kraut or psychedelic leanings, while “Barabonda” and “Dodeuri” dig deep into a more meditative place, serving as perfect expressions of the album’s title and intent. Fans of Neu!, Kraftwerk, Laraaji or Klaus Schulze might find themselves in a comfortable yet unexplored place. Spiritual ​was originally released in 2017 as a limited-edition cassette of 250 copies, produced in collaboration with Seendosi, an arts enterprise in Seoul Euljiro district, the city’s heart of printing, packaging and electronics manufacturing. The cassette sold out within a year of its production, prompting Extra Noir, who had previously released Tengger’s “Breathe In, Breathe Out” on their Extra Noir Vol. 1 compilation, to propose reissuing ​Spiritual ​on vinyl. Working with Seendosi once again, the result is a beautifully produced piece of work. Closely attentive to the band’s vision, the gatefold sleeve features rich landscape motifs that evoke Tengger’s commitment to earthly travel and the less accessible places beyond. Pressed onto clear vinyl, the design of ​Spiritual ​has been carefully constructed to reflect the entirely unique music within: heavy ephemerality, dense transcendence and grounded wanderlust.
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