Static Flow EP

Awo Ojiji
Static Flow EP
Eternal Ocean

Cat#: EO/V002
Format: Vinyl
Rubadub's Review
For its second vinyl release, Eternal Ocean is proud to present ‘Static Flow’: the debut EP of Timo Bürgler AKA Awo Ojiji. Creating his own unique sonic world, Awo Ojiji has delivered a four track body of work that feels at once fresh and familiar. Opening the EP, ‘Lifeforms’ swings out of left field with an off kilter swagger sure to inspire more than a few unique dancefloor experiences. On the interior comes ‘Grainhive’, a groover that strikes a deep and rare balance of emotive texture and raw bassline energy. Flipping over, we find ‘Laura’s Lodge’, perhaps the most oblique tune of the bunch, where slick and expertly crafted percussion compliments the alien sound design that rides out the tune into its own dimension. Closing the record, ‘Swarm Align’ invites the dancer on a journey inwards, deftly maneuvering through a myriad of sonic waypoints until finally finding its way home, to be filed straight away under ‘Deep/Last Song’. Based in Graz, Austria, and having honed his skills alone and through close involvement with the disko404 family, Awo Ojiji steps up in offerance of a unique and personal statement. Taking influence from the current climate and deep history of electronic music and finding a space that is honest and genuine, this is music for the body, mind and soul.