Step Into The Light

Cat#: FS015
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review

The heavenly ‘Skywards’ leads the way upwards with tenderly treated spacious drum programming and light-as-air atmospherics while darker and deeper cavernous tones create the yin-yang balance of lightness and dark. ‘Broken Spell’ continues the uplifted vibe of a spell that when broken, blooms open with an intoxicating permeating sweetness like an exotic fragrance that lingers in one’s memory. ‘A New Day’ leans slightly more towards a heavier driven track featuring a funky bassline with bright electronic notations as counterpoint while drifting, dreamy pads keep the overall mood airy and light. The off-kilter knob is turned way right on the bouncy final track ’Disjointed Route’, injecting dashes of wry quirk alongside a lightly moving groove.