Summer Of Delete

Rumpeln / Daniel Door
Summer Of Delete

Cat#: JMM-218
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
In July 2019 RUMPELN and DANIEL DOOR (Jahmoni Music) went on a tour through the UK and the Benelux. This 12" was recorded and mixed by Seb-I and Nick McCarthy (Manuela, Lunsentrio, Franz Ferdinand) at Sausage Studios, Hackney, London during this summer of delete. RUMPELN Pumping proto-rhythms disrupting a wall of distortion building up from unintelligible screams, broadcasts of gadgets on the brink of destruction, DIY instruments made of springs, shards of metal and trash, all hardly held together by a skinny, long-haired figure jumping in the flicker of glitched out AV loops – there’s a deep understanding to be found in Anton Kaun’s performances that we, as animals, will never really get along with our electronics. DANIEL DOOR With his latest setup, „wallwart scales“, Daniel Door explores the sonic depths of a bundle of wallwart power outlets. Disconnected from the machines (like smartphones, external hard drives and old Casio keyboards) they once fed with electricity, their distinctive inner wiring becomes the base of a microtonal scale made audible by an EMF microphone (the Elektrosluch made by LOM, Batrislava, Slovakia) and mangled in a constantly re-sampling arrangement by an Elektron Octatrack sampler.