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Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Todd Osborn. For many, the name conjures up myths, tall tales told within the world of electronic music. Todd: makes hovercrafts; repairs motorcycles out of his garage; fixes vintage jukeboxes; creates handmade components for espresso machines; flies fighter jets; is a Lego expert, owns a record label with his son that releases music by Aphex Twin, Madlib and Underground Resistance; has a stunning collection of rare whiskeys. True? All of it, of course. Reviewing a CV of the varied styles and sounds of Todd Osborn is like a museum-grade survey of records from electronic music's ultimate outsider artist. Yet, Todd Osborn has never been outside. From releasing jungle on Rephlex with Tadd Mullinix as Soundmurderer & SK-1 to house and jacking club music as Osborne on Ghostly International, to bright, chiptuned boogie as Superstructure, Todd Osborn has done it all. From there? We haven't yet scratched the surface. For over 20 years, Todd Osborn has been a permanent fixture in music, touring internationally at music festivals, warehouse raves, gabber parties in fields to giving lectures at Red Bull Music Academy and in turn hosting the most diverse programme on Red Bull Radio. To boot? Todd Osborn opened the best record store in the USA, in Ypsilanti, MI. Portage Garage Sounds is thrilled, humbled, to present this three song EP, SuperDisc.