The Ghost EP

Joey G ii
The Ghost EP

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Format: Vinyl
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Rubadub's Review
Joey G ii is the newly revealed moniker of DJ/Producer and co-founder of Orphan., Joe Gillick. He founded Orphan. in 2015 with friends Sage Redman and Billy Meddleton. The three began throwing bi-monthly parties in Deptford; their aim was to feature the unsung heroes, the seminal artists that weren’t often regulars in the crowded London club circuit. Come 2017 the trio found themselves divided by an ocean - Joe and Sage forced to relocate in Seattle after her visa expiration, and Billy to Berlin. Despite the distance, Orphan. carried on with events in each location (hosting the likes of DJ Python, Equiknoxx, DEBIT, Lapalux, Sylvere and many more) and launched Orphan. Radio in Seattle as an ode to the London stations they'd come to miss. Orphan. Radio's focus was to showcase local artists and DJs, highlighting the diverse music community in Seattle, as well as feature touring national and international artists with their own distinctive flare. Guests included Shanti Celeste, Octo Octa, DJ Manny & DJ Taye, Moodhuts’ Neo Image & Local Artist and many more. After two solid years on air the station closed its doors to make way for a new chapter in the Orphan. storybook. Orphan. now operates out of New York and Berlin.