The Goddess Is Dancing

The Goddess Is Dancing
Good Morning Tapes

Cat#: GMV05LP
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Arriving in the wake of Good Morning Tapes' prized vinyl editions from Jonnine (HTRK), XVARR, Anthony Naples, Tapes and more, ‘The Goddess Is Dancing’ is an extended trip that revolves around lilting, rhythmelodic percussion and aqueous atmospheres expressing D.K.’s imaginary interpretation of music used in Vietnamese ritual music. It unfolds as a ceremony in five parts honouring the mystical goddesses of Forest, Water and Heaven, with music both relaxing and energising in a way that’s intended to aid dancers’ transmogrification from human vessels into spirited beings. The results are some of D.K.’s lushest in a catalogue that now stretches back to 2014 and takes in mystic club music and sanguine home listening for everyone from Antinote to Melody As Truth and 12th Isle. In careful progression, the EP moves from the deliquescent shimmers and breathy choral synth spirits of ‘The Three Realms’ to the exquisitely poised dream motion of the title track and the hypnotic percolations of ‘Going Into Trance’ on the A-side, before stretching out on the B-side into slow, balmy elegance of ‘Forest Palace’, and ultimately dissolving any remaining tensions with the dematerialised, 12 minute design of ’Summoning The Spirits’. In a current field awash with new age ambient references and a searching sense of spirituality, D.K.’s offering is exceptional for the execution of its never cloying, timelessly enchanted appeal.