Cat#: TS000001
Genre: House
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Psychic Yes and Tech Startup founder Rafael fortuitously met on a Berlin dance floor in late 2017. A long period of digital correspondence followed between Berlin and Seattle, culminating in the inaugural release of the Seattle-based Tech Startup label: TS000001. The project, to be released on November 9th, is comprised of 5 tracks built up from initial recordings of percussion, trumpet, and synthesizers honed into drum-focused dance pieces in the melancholy Berlin winter of 2018. Split in function between the two sides, Side A features dancefloor-ready tracks with Side B containing introspective songs geared towards a home-listening environment. Field recordings of Scottish stone slates mark the opening track Stone Sound, a tribal-leaning dancefloor cut highlighted by syncopated, pounding percussion and discreet melodies. Spacemaker features organic, sparse breakbeats cloaked in bright, hazey melodies. Delicated is a track that delights as a series of melodic characters move around one another in a foggy electronic atmosphere. Aldhini Theme emerges as the standout track on Side B commencing with undulating sequenced bloops and bleeps that slowly build into a hypnotic slow-burner that resolves on a melody.