Cat#: TS000003
Format: Vinyl
Pre-Order £10.00
Rubadub's Review

Cambridge-based beat-scientist Filter Dread presents the third release on the Tech Startup catalog, TS000003. Inspired by laboratories across the street from his studio, the four tracks take motifs from the genres of jungle, hardcore, and grime, and teleport them to alien dimensions.

The record kicks off with Rainforest, a track which mutates grime hammer kicks and classic jungle drum-rolls. The following track, Blizzard, flows like metallic ooze with its cold, cybernetic percussion and liquified pads. Tripping Up dishes a devastating jungle-tekno sequence with crushing snares and a sinister bassline. RX-4 Real brings the release to a close, bubbling and percolating with its reverb-soaked stabs and glitched out beats.

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