Mike Slott

Cat#: LM050EP
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
LuckyMe is very proud to present Vignettes. The triumphant return of Mike Slott. Mike Slott’s last release with LuckyMe was just over 10 years ago. The Lucky 9Teen EP was seen as one of the most seminal releases in the post-Dilla age of instrumental beat led music that took hiphop as its cue then threw out the rule book. Slott in particular brought a delicate touch and unique quiver of samples and production techniques to the table. From his Heralds of Change project with Hudson Mohawke to his split releases with Martyn 3024 and Dabrye - Slott was very much seen as part of this new beat generation sitting alongside Flying Lotus, the late Ras G and others bringing his unique blend of futurism alongside a respect and free-spirited appreciation of the jazz age. Since those early releases Mike has continuously released music including his meditative Mirror Mirror project and Lesser Pieces - his energetic vocal led collaboration with Diane Badie. Vignettes was first realised as a performance piece at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2011 as Slott provided a live re-scoring of The Return (2003), the debut film by Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev. Stripping the music of its original intention it becomes an incredibly gorgeous,emotive,shimmering body of work. To describe something as an imagined soundtrack seems cliched but Slott manages to create an entire world to fall into.