Wild Flesh Presents

Wild Flesh Presents
Wild Flesh Productions

Cat#: WFP13
Format: Vinyl
Pre-Order £12.00
Rubadub's Review
Song craft, lush and muscular hardware, and dedicated genius inform this genre spanning yet accessible compilation of music made primarily by non-musicians. Various Artists is painters, poets, sculptors, social workers, DJ’s and musicians - Gabe Rubins, Felix Bernstein, Whitney Claflin, Park Mcarthur, Izzy Occampo, Paige Lillian Walton, James K, Gobby, Martina Gordon, Amanda Harris Williams, Kayla Guthrie, Alex Fleming, Candice Williams, Clara Lou, Christina Croll, Speaker Music, Crawlspace, Eve Essex, Cammisa B and June Junior. For fans of Gelbe Music, Crass Records, Decemberism. Edition of 300.
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