Synthesis Technology E951 Looping Expander

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Looping Expander (for the E950 Bent VCO)
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Manufacturer: Synthesis Technology

Category: Keyboards & Synths



The Synthesis Technology E951 Looping Expander is an optional, add-on module that expands the functions of the E950 Circuit Bent VCO. The E951 requires an E950 to operate and is not designed to operate stand-alone.

Featuring a high-contrast OLED display, the E951 provides real-time information on the current operating mode of the attached E950 VCO. The display has a very wide viewing angle, making it ideal for both studio and stage performance.

The E951 adds the following enhancements to the E950 VCO:

  • Displays the morphed VCO output wave
  • Contains a full list of oll the words and phrases in the 9 speech banks
  • Allows Short or Long vocal snippents to be looped and played
  • Provides manual pushbuttons and external Gate/CV interface to Speak and start/stop looping
  • External CV with dedicated attenuator to change the Speech Bank on the E950



Height 3U (128.5mm)
Width 10HP (60.5mm)
Depth 32mm
Power 16-pin Eurorack (40mA from +12V, 10mA from -12V)
BANK CV Range 10Vpp (-5V to +5V)
Short/Long Input Threshold +0.6V


SPEAK (red pushbutton) Pressing this button will cause a SYNC to be generated to the E950, cause it to begin speaking
SHORT (black pushbutton) Causes a SHORT loop command to be generated.
LONG (black pushbutton) Causes a LONG loop command to be generated.
MODE (toggle switch) Selects either latched (LATCH) or momentary (MOMEN) actions of the looping command.
BANK MOD pot Attenuated the CV applied to the BANK CV jack. This will change the SPEECH bank on the E950.


BANK (CV input) -5V to +5V scaled, to change the SPEECH selection on the E950
SHORT (CV/Gate input) Voltage exceeding +0.6V will start a SHORT loop command
LONG (CV/Gate input) Voltage exceeding +0.6V will start a LONG loop command

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