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Tá Sempre Pegando Fogo

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Combining elements of Brazilian Funk, Kuduro, Footwork and House + Silvestre Pade Himilaya remix

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Tá Sempre Pegando Fogo is Rabu Mazda's second album, a long-standing solo project of Leonardo Bindilatti, this time debuting at Discos Extendes. Leo is part of Cafetra Records, where he maintains an active role in musical creation and production. He was a member of Kimo Ameba, Go Suck A Fuck, Kridinhux, Egg Shell, Rabu Mazda & Van Ayres and is part of Iguanas and Putas Bêbadas. This multiplicity of experiences and styles is also reflecting the private and intimate multiplicity of this Rabu Mazda that we now finally get to know better. He is ceaselessly a physical soul on fire and, thus, it sets, naturally, fire to this record that he’s sharing with us. In parallel, if contemporaneity is also a place on fire, his music can be a timely response to this confusion. Even with all the layers that each song contains, they can bring, to anyone who wants, an energetic clarity with regard to being alive and the pleasure that one can find in that condition. Although some kind of contemporary aggressiveness and crudity are a fundamental part of the identity of this work, the tracks push us to give in to the constraints and point us to the impetus of dancing, pulsating inside the body and finding ways to get out. It seems that this is what Rabu Mazda really wants: to light up the dance and encourage us to catch the glasses and share a wheel of positivism. Given his Brazilian ancestry, he gave his name to this disc with an appropriation of an idiomatic expression, which refers to states of agitation, sexual excitement, or drunkenness - here, as a starting point for a type of imaginary. It becomes curious to see how he uses his music not only as an end, but also as a way to create some sort of happening. Adds, to the references of Brazilian Funk, Kuduro, Footwork and House, his melodic textures, mostly nostalgic and his rhythmic compositions to deconstruct music that we thought we knew. text and original pic. by Sara Zita Correia * The record also comes with a killer remix by one of the greatest in the Tuga scene! King Silvestre signs a remix for the opening track Fumo no Olho, transforming its introductory lightness and serenity into a hit that stands between Ghetto House and Rave for the littest dance floors!