TipTop Audio Trigger Riot Sequencer Eurorack Module (Black)

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Manufacturer: TipTop Audio

Category: Electronic Instruments



The Trigger Riot is an innovative trigger sequencer never seen before, therefore learning to use it might take a while and require an understanding of the concept. In this manual we will go through all of the different modes of operation and the way they interact with each other so you can get a real understanding of how deep this machine is.

The concept is very simple to understand, the TR generates or takes in a clock signal, each of the knobs can be used as one or both of the following to enerate streams of triggers and gates at the outputs:

  • Programmable Clock Divider (divider)
  • Clock sequencer (steps)

Once those are set, then a set of clock manipulator “effects” can be applied to the streams of triggers/gates. These effects are:

  • Likelihood of trigger output (probability)
  • Trigger stream whole clock offset (clock shift)
  • Trigger stream fractional clock offset (time shift)
  • Trigger stream multiplication fractional clock extractor (speed)
  • Pulse width modulator (pulse width)

The Trigger Riot is a highly accurate clock source: it has 8 outputs, each can have up to 4 clock divisions and each of these divisions can be assigned a probability of triggering, clock shifting, time shifting, fractional clock multiplication, and pulse width. Additionally, each output has 4 steps that do not repeat like a division.



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