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Verbos Electronics Foundation Oscillator

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Like its predecessors, the Harmonic Oscillator and the Complex Oscillator, Foundation Oscillator adds a completely new method of synthesis to the Verbos Electronics range. Containing 2 unaffected waveforms (triangle and square) and 3 waveforms within the "Harmonics" section, a wide range of sonic possibilities are easily achieved with an easily digested, clear set of controls.

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Manufacturer: Verbos Electronics

Category: Eurorack



The long awaited small VCO from Verbos Electronics. It is based on the same discrete transistor core as our other oscillators. In addition to outputs for the Square and Triangle waves directly from the core, there is a brand new multiplying waveshaper giving the effect of a VCO in hard sync with the core. Then, three outputs that fade between Sine and Saw, Square and Spike (a Buchla Music Easel classic). In other words, there is a “Richness” control in that multiplies the Saw, Square and Pulse and a “Timbre” control that fades from Sine and the richer multiplied wave on 3 outputs from the same set of controls.



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